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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quest Chains

There had been a confusing moment earlier during another chain. All of a sudden this squire started calling me master and had no use anymore for his pet reptile. He was a bit too quirky for my liking though and I declined his offer.

Rise Obsidion! Not that much. Down boy! Down! DOWN! /splat. Uhm, ok. I spot some opportunities for improvement there. After Obsidion did a bit of bashing on the day before, I cheekily asked a guildmate to sabotage his next go at smashing my party. Thereby the last chain in Searing Gorge was sorted. Having done all chains, including the dreaded Maltorius without help I did not feel too bad about not going for too many tries on Obisidon by myself.

After delivering that chain in Ironforge, I headed out to Zul'Farrak again. Time to succeed in the stair fight and get Nekrum's Medallion. Without that the Sharpbeak chain in the Hinterlands does not continue, and that would ruin my efficiency when going for the Ancient Egg. Previously, I had made two attempts on this fight. Both times I had run out of mana.

This time however, I managed. Barely, and using not only the Symbol of Hope, but also mana potions and Void Walkers, but manage I did. When Nekrum Gutchewer was down, I was totally out of mana and there was a dozen trolls running about. I looted the Medallion before dealing with them, hedging my efforts. Then I wanded the rest down. Sergant Bly was not really an obstacle. The chief of the troll clan and his sidekick were not a problem either.

Captn out.

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