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Monday, March 19, 2007

Level 41 - Oops!

In the Name of the Light! Whitemane, Mograine, Herod and Loksey need to die. After already having taken care of the later two, the former were still on my to do list. Proceeding with caution, I cleared everything outside the cathedral doors, then the guards inside.

The hour had come! I attacked Mograine and dropped him easily. High Inquisitor Whitemane followed the script and came to the rescue. I folled mine and attacked her. She sleept my party and started casting Resurrection on Mograine as she should. Then she droped dead from my DoT damage in mid-cast. The end.

This must be the new, abridged version, without the sleazy dialog. Unfortunately also with only half the loot and me missing out on the kill count for Mograine.

Right then, here we go again. At least the trash mobs give acceptable kill xp.

Captn out.

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