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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Level 50 - Summon Felguard Army

The 41st talent point is mine! This marks a departure from the dot'n drain method of killing things. Don't get me wrong, it works not only beautifully, it also looks great. The downside is that it is rather mana intensive and a lot of mobs die before the full dot damage can be unleashed. The affliction 41 point talent is very nice, but more interesting for PvP as far as I can see. I certainly dont need more DoTs. So I went and put all points into Demonology instead. This allows me to summon felguards and enjoy boni to my spell damage, stamina and intelligence at the same time. I put points on Dlaire into improved health stones and improved imp buff, just in case.

I did not know what the result would be. It is amazing. A salvo of shadow bolts with Alaire's fire bolt, Captn's holy fire and the three felguards insta-gibs mobs one or two levels ahead of me and makes short work of mobs five levels ahead of me. After that the resists start in earnest and make it not advisable to get more trigger-happy.

In any case, a new milestone is reached, and its awesome.

Captn out.

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