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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Level 37.8 - Herod the Bully

After sucking the life out of Arcanist Doan a few times, I decided it was probably time to head over to the armory. I made my way to Herod without too much difficulty, but had to control the Myrmidions to avoid that they take my squishy characters apart.

Herod on the other side, presented me with a problem. Not just his obnoxious nature, but his whirlwind. That forces me to do a little dance while I am attacking him. I gave it three tries, then decided to get training for my level 38 characters first.

Alaire still needed three and a half boxes to 38, but the others already hit 38. Now for Captn 38 just brings some wussy healing spells, but for my warlocks, aah! Curse of Agony, Drain Life and Siphon Life are all getting new ranks with an increase between 25% and 55% in damage. That for each warlock and of course for Drain Life amplified by my talent spec and the amount of affliction debuffs on the target should make a difference.

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