Five WoW accounts, one keyboard broadcaster and me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Must resist the temptation to loot, must resist the temptation to loot, must...oh, sorry about that. It is absolutely ineffective to give in to the temptation and click all the sparkling piles. While doing the five levels from 45 to 50 in Stratholme's entrance area, I used to loot all the mobs while my tankadin was drinking. Then I realized how much time I was wasting that could be better spent by doing dailies, which net me more than the three truckloads of runecloth, level 55 blue BoE's, tons of greens and one world drop epic would net me. But! the main thing is: Hello level 50! Hello Totem of Wrath. Hello +12% crit and hit for the party. Yay!

Next up, plaguelands quests. I am a bit fed up with this nuking. =]

Cheers, Steph.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to Stratholme!

As soon as I got my baby shaman pack to level 45, it was time to test how nuking a level 60 instance works. As the pile of glittering corpses attests, it goes quite well. I am too lazy at the moment to work out the formula to see how much the xp per kill are currently reduced due to the level difference being too great. I prefer to just wait and see how the numbers run along.

Nuking a bunch of packs in Stratholme with my my tankadin does result in a significant amount of spam on the screen, as you can see here. I am not sure yet how I will proceed once my shaman pack hits the magic level 58, but I am content to milk this at the moment. We will see.

Cheers, Steph.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gearing up

I have spent considerable gold and time on getting some gear for my minions in the past weeks. Previously, I had done only shadoweave tailoring on my three warlocks and after being fed up with loosing 5v5 arena games due to fear bought the S2 shoulders to blow my arena points.

Now, my generic party setup has changed by shelfing Elaire and adding Stephanius, to do PvE and quest content. I have since then gotten Captn 2/2 Whitemend and 3/3 Primal Mooncloth, Alaire 2/2 Spellstrike and 3/3 Spellfire, Dlaire and Blaire 2/2 Spellstrike to keep the Frozen Shadoweave company and just this week I spent some badges on vortexes and got Blaire and Dlaire a Belt of Blasting each.

While I do spent a lot of time raiding, I do not raid with my minions or even with Captn. What I do at the top end of the line is heroic 5 man instances. The big question is now for me: how much I can follow the magic dps guidelines for raids for that?

Cheers, Steph.

More screenspace!

On request of someone who was dissatisfied with the setup picture below, here is a new one. I have in the meantime added another monitor and use two desktops and three notebooks, instead of one desktop and four notebooks now.

Cheers, Captn.