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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Level 47 -The Thorium Brotherhood

HA! Now that I am closing in on the range where I do not really need it anymore, I got the [Robe of the Lich] from the Coldbringer in the Razorfen Downs. I visited him after seeing Tabetha in her swamp domicile to hand in the Tiara of the Deep quest. Oh yeah, I went to Zul'Farrak again and all quests except Nekrum's Medallion and the Divino-Matic Rod are done now. I would have these two sorted as well, if only I had not croaked on the stair fight again, this time a lot further into it, but still. I equipped the [Carrot on a Stick] for Alaire, Dlaire, Elaire and Blaire, but not for Captn, since I occasionally have issues with slight lag breaking /follow for longer distances. With the following characters being slightly faster, this should no longer happen. I hope so anyway.

In my quest to help Dlaire catch up on XP with the other characters, I went and dropped Mog'rash the giant at Janeiro's Point and did the follow up quest. Naturally, I did not keep any Buzzard Wings. I say naturally because the follow up quest requires them as ingredients to cook the bait for the next giant. Wondering where I could find Buzzard Wings I remembered the flock in the western Badlands around a dinosaur skeleton. A quick portal Ironforge and short gryphon ride to Searing Gorge later I stood in front of them. Now, some of you will know what happened next. Prize question. You kill 10 buzzards, with a total of 20 wings between them. How many wings to you have? Three. Thats right. Three. AARGH! So I merrily dilly-danced through the badlands being happy at the 45xp per kill and collected my ingredients.

On the plus side, I noticed at Thorium Point that the Thorium Brotherhood quest givers were ready to do business with me. Right after finishing Captain Smott's chain I headed back to Thorium Point and loaded up on quests. Then I did them all in one go. This finally brought Dlaire up to 47 with the rest, while Captn and Alaire are already halfway to 48. One interesting bit is that Overseer Maltorius got his due without calling in the cavallry as many people who play solo do. If you have quested there, you may remember this level 50 elite and his two elite guards giving you a headache. It was not really a pretty affair, but I had the last laugh and did it in the first go.

I have no real clue how I managed to neglect Dlaire that much, but I guess I will have to play her solo a bit to let her catch up and avoid multiple training stops. There are only two things left in Searing Gorge right now, the chain from the Blackrock Legion Ambassador and his sidekick and the Outhouse quest chain, for which the quest starter is not a multidrop by the way. I did get seven drops of the quest starting item, so that is no issue.

One thing that is a slight nuisance is that the Armory page has not been updated for any of my chars for a couple of days now, showing me still as level 42.

Captn out.

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Icemoon said...

"I have no real clue how I managed to neglect Dlaire that much"

Persecution of the charming redhead. See that kind of thing all the time... sad.

Oh, and have you tried getting Alaire into some really heavy shoes?