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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Surgeon General's Warning: Elekk riding causes hip damage!

Seriously. I was not happy with Alaire crowding the team's warlocks with her Elekk. Plus, the felsteed's fiery hooves made it look like the poor beast was being BBQ'ed at the same time. I had to do something.

Cosidering my options, I set my sights on a Black Stallion from the horse breeder of Menethil. Much to my disappointment the horse breeder was disinclined to do business with Alaire, since she is Draenei.

Alaire had already reached a surprising amount of reputation with the human capital Stormwind, roughly 16/21k on the last step, so only 5k of the 42k reputation total was missing. This is due to quest reputation rewards no longer being scaled by level, which results in more reputation points being awarded across the board. It also meant that I could do the quests in Elwyn forest that I had skipped to get the missing reputation. Besides being done rather quick, the usual path of going for the repeatable runecloth hand-in reputation quest is only available from level 50 onwards.

Happy to have reached the required exalted reputation with Stormwind, I got Alaire the Black Stallion. Only to find out what the wide back of the Elekk had concealed and done. I always thought Alaire was walking funny, but now it is certain. Alaire's hip has been permanently damaged by riding the Elekk, she is unable to bring her knees to the flanks of the stallion. As soon as she stops crying I will post a picture.

Captn out.

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