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Monday, March 12, 2007

Level 34 - Down the Scarlet Path

Things are happening. I have done the warlock quests for the [Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe] and the Felhunter. I ran all over Kalimdor to get gryphon points. Azshara, Thalanaar, Nijl's Point and Gadgetzan are now on my travel routes.

One thing has become abundantly clear in the quests I have done by now: I love 'kill x mob type A' quests. I hate 'collect X 5% drop rate quest items from rare mob type B' quests. I had a horrible time with the trolls in the Arathi Highlands. Admittedly, it was mostly bad for the trolls since what I did there is pretty much genocide, but it took me ages to get the drops from their witch doctors. The tougher follow up quest with the ogres I did in minutes. Joy and pain of sorting five chars. I disgress.

I have made good headway in the Stranglethorn quests, doing half a dozen for Booty Bay, and being mostly through with the hunter camp quest chains. As it should be for my level, the raptors and the king cat are missing.

Nothing major is happening with abilities at the moment, but I can almost feel the mounts comming my way. Two elephants and three burning horses please, on the double!

I removed Captn from my project guild < Minion > and put him into my actual guild. I could not stand the absence of the guild chat anymore.

Captn, out.

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