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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New movie clips!

After playing around with them on the weekend, I uploaded two new videos to YouTube today. The first is a collection of things that I did in the Blackrock Depths, with a goof in the fight in the chamber of the Seven and Jailbreak.

The second clip is composed out of a number of nice takedowns with affliction and with demonology after reaching level 50.

Cheers, Captn.


Thomas said...

So, what do you think is best? Why not take 3 different kind of locks or 2 kinds, and have best of both worlds?

Captn said...

Both Affliction and Demonology have their advantages. Affliction is definitely better against elites in my opinion, while it is wasting mana and damage on non-elites. Demonology is still my choice, even though the novelty of having three big axes at my disposal has worn off now.

Mixing is not really sensible. Having a high dot count is elemental for Soul Siphon to work to maximal effect. Having both instant and cast time spells being cast messes up the effectivity of my attack sequence or complicates it unnecessarily.

Thomas said...

Real curious how your group will do in the tbc content, hope to see more ;)