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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Level 62 - Shrooms!

Giant mushrooms in fact. Zangermarsh has many of those. The quests from Honor Hold, The Temple, the Cenarion Expedition and the Longbears in the Hellfire Peninsula are done. I was not idle in Zangermarsh either, completing all quests with the exception of the eel fillet ones, and the western Cenarion watcher, Sporegar and northern Broken quests.

Just now I got Fel Armor and Molten Armor respectively as well as a new rank in shadow bolt and fire bolt. That should certainly increase the amount of targets that I can insta-gib with one salvo to 98% of my level range.

The quest rewards are equipping my team nicely. If you check the Armory link you will see that most of my crappy items are history now, replaced with Outland quest rewards. Some of these substitutions were gigantic upgrades since I had not worked on improving my characters gear in a focussed way. Knowing that I am trying to level anyway and that the yummy Outland quest items are on the menu made me rather lazy with gear.

Captn out.

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