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Monday, April 9, 2007

Level 54 - Where to go?

The quest 'Petty Squabbles' from the Blasted Lands leads to the 'Fallen Hero of the Horde' sponsored demon Razelikh quest chain. After the steps in the Blasted Lands I moved to Azshara and did the a couple of steps there. Then comes the moment where you need to collect 20 Azsharite shards from the cliffs of southern Azshara. For me that meant 100 shards. I bit my teeth together and collected them, got the weapons made by Galvan the Ancient in Stranglethorn and then got my teeth kicked in by Grol. After I had prepared all five anti-demon weapons to be ready for use I overcame him - but not his sister conspirateur Sevine.

While in Azshara, I heard a taunt from Avalanchion, the Earth part of the Elemental invasions that targets Azshara, Winterspring, Un-goro idea. Anyway, I went to go and look for him. It brought a smile to me when I dropped him and his sidekicks. I waited a bit with healing, just doing salvos on him and ignoring his three adds, then kicked in a prayer of healing and AoE nuked the adds quickly, then continued to drop him. Good times.

In a moment of 'what now?' I strolled into the Military Ward and signed up for Warsong and Alterac Basin. To make a long story short, I did some instant kills and provided cheap kill points as soon as Captn was down. A valliant defender of the horde named 'Graagh' which reminds me of the warrior video Brutal Fury 2: Graagh is back specialized in dropping Captn whenever possible. This Graagh is a level 59 elemental Shaman, and looking at his armory profile I guess it is fair to say he is twinked out as well: Graagh's Armory profile. On the good side, I did get approx 30 kills. Hitting AB, I was totally lost, since my macros all require Captn as party leader to do the targetting and I did not end up being party leader in AB. The game was almost over anyway the horde having rushed and bottled up the Alliance at their entry point, so it was over quick enough. I would have to re-do the macro setup using /focus as target instead, but since I do not really want to PvP I wont bother.

Right, where to now? A look at my quest log showed me a number of quests in the Blackrock Depths. So I headed there, dropped Pyron, greeted Marshal Windsor and got the follow up quest and the fake quest chain end respectively at Morgan's Virgil. Then I went back, suicided my party, grabbed the Shadowforge Key quest in the tomb on the way down. After passing the Ring of Law, I moved through the domicile and past the vault and reclaimed Ironfoe. For completeness sake I also extinguished Incendius at the same time. On the way back I stopped at the vault, and used the ten or so keys I found. Funny enough the 'Heart of the Mountain' quest gem can be picked up if you look from a below the waist angle through the wall rather than through the door, so I grabbed that for my party. The dark keeper was hiding in the Grim Guzzler. Right. After getting my Shadowforge Keys I was slightly grumpled. A couple of blue drops, and all of them mail, great! I did get the Crumpled Note though, which continues the Onyxia chain. I found General Angerforge to be a bit brutal.

In those moments I really regret not being affliction based anymore. While it wastes mana on trash, I am certain that it is way superior damage output on bosses. I dont claim this as well researched and universal level truth, just my subjective impression.

Ah well. Time to hit Silithus. Tomorrow. Well after sleeping anyway.

Captn out.

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