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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Level 53 - Party in Hearthglen

In the last few days I have not been able to focus on this project as much. For that reason the progress is slower and my playing bouts are little slivers rather than evenings. The team is now halfway to level 54, done with the western plaguelands fields quest chain, a good way along the Darrowshire chain. Heroes and Villains of Darrowshire are sorted. The toughest bit was getting Davil's Libram in Hearthglen. While I had little problems killing any of the mobs so far, the high protector level 61 elite who patrols there is a bit scary, since I couldnt really scratch him with my spells due to his level. No, I did not try, I knew from other higher level mobs.

Just as I was approaching the house with the Libram, there was a request for a tank in guild chat for Arcatraz key fragment. I agreed to help, and since I was not sure if I would be able to nuke the elite pallies and priests in the house I summoned a guild-rogue over. As it turned out, it was unnecessary. It was two mobs at most. While waiting for the Libram to respawn for the other chars, I took this picture.

I did not do anything worthwhile with the team, but our key fragment run became clearing the whole of Arcatraz and was rather enjoyable. =]

Today I have completed the kill quests that start off the Fordring quest chain. Unfortunately the third quest needed to continue is again a collection quest, and for me 15 quest drops means 75 quest drops. /sigh I am at 20/75 now.

On a hunch I HS'ed to Gadget and flew to Silithus, but all quests were still grey to me. One or two more levels I recon. I set my Hearthstone to Cenarion Hold now and portalled back to Ironforge.

Captn out.

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