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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zul'Gurub fun

Today, I went back to Zul'Gurub. I have always wanted the raptor mount that the Bloodlord can drop. I have seen both the tiger and the raptor drop back in the day of vanilla WoW and level 60 raiding, but alas - the dice were not with me.

Of course the dice situation is a bit more sunny when there are just five characters instead of 20. Of course, the difference between 20 players and one player is even more helpful in helping me rig the outcome for the loot distribution. =]

Other Multiboxers have successfully done both the tiger and the bloodlord bosses in ZG, and reported about it in blogs, posts and with youtube movies. So there was absolutely no question if it was possible. It is.

However, I have previously tried going after the Bloodlord, augumenting my Tankadin with my Priest, two Warlocks and one Mage. Back then I was using the same tactics as we used back in the day. And it went badly. Since then I have been mostly boxing my four Shaman, therefore I decided to take the Tankadin and the four Shaman.

Today, I dropped the Bloodlord without any problem on the first go. I also went for the Tiger boss just after it. Here I ran out of mana due to not countering the healing done by one of the adds effectively. Luckily the encounter can be reset by running out of his immediate area. On the second go, I made it. =]

Alas, no mount. Lucky enough ZG resets tonight, so I can go again tomorrow.

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