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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spec improved Recruit a Friend!

Looking at my accounts, one thing is certain: Not enough characters! When one is used to playing five chars, then leveling a single char feels like slow-motion. In anticipation of the expansion being launched in November, I therefore decided to get two additional four char teams up to 60 and at the same time collect gift levels to boost two chars I had idle for a good while.

To do this effectively, I created two new accounts using the RAF program and started playing four dwarf hunters. With only a few hours spent, I am almost level 30 now, which is where 60% speed mount is now available.

I decided not to bother with any gear and created non-binding uniforms instead. Happily enough, Beerfest is up at the moment! This allowed me to round out my character's outfit with the groovy hats you see in the picture. =]

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