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Sunday, September 21, 2008

1609 - S4 chest here I come!

In the past month I have been between 1500 and 1600 rating. Whatever points we won was lost not soon afterwards. Often to teams which by their gear, with S4 head or S3 shoulders clearly show that they reformed, dropped their team rating to 1500 and then go and steamroll the people who are actually at that range. I had that happen a lot to me. Looking at the timeline, of me hitting 70 just ahead of the season 4 start and needing a while to get geared with pvp gear. At first everyone was at 1500, and by the time I learned enough and gathered enough kit, people were reforming. This gives the impression of treating water with no end in sight.

If that wouldn't be bad enough, my healing buddy will not have the time to play with me or much at all past next week, so I was looking at finding a new arena buddy in short order. Then, we got pushed back all the way to 1500 in a streak of losses last week. Doom! Black doom!

But! Alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Light in the shape of a paladin whom I talked to about the matter previously. 11 games played and won later, the 1600 line was crossed. Funny enough, the 10th game found us looking in a bit of confusing at a warrior running in all alone and being fried. Then a mage did the same. On investigation I found what looked like three boxed shaman in the other team's starting room. I guess control trouble. That won us 3 points and brought me to 1598. I couldn't say anything for fear of jinxing our luck, but we won the next game, which turned out to be a real fight.

/dances the happy dance!

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