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Saturday, June 7, 2008


This morning I took my four shamans to Old Hillsbarad. My objective was to complete the quests in the instance to collect the reputation. I plan to have the five bits of baby-pvp rep armor ready to equip by the time the shamans reach 70. Getting 3000 more CoT reputation will see my shamans honored with the faction and 4/5 done for the set. Leaving only Sha'tar rep to do.

I sailed through the first part of the instance. Breaking Trall out was a bit tighter, because I rely on mana biscuits to regain mana on Steph. On the gauntlet from the keep to the gate I intentionally stopped damage while hanging in there with judgement and seal of wisdom, which - combined with a pot or two - did the trick.

Then at the battle in Tarren mill, my shamans were dying left and right, like flies. If not faster. Add to that that the epoch hunter dispells buffs. Like seals. Doh. Clearly I needed a new plan. I stuck the shamans into Tabetha's house's lobby and brought the waves of dragonkin into the house, breaking line of sight on those pesky caster mobs that like to hang back cleanly. This worked like a charm and left me with the team upright at the end of the fight and all that rep nicely bagged.

Time to do some shopping before I try my hand at the follow up Black Morass. I don't know yet if I will be able to do that place with my 4x67 noob elemental shamans and my tank, but I will know this afternoon. If the answer should be 'nope', I can go and do Durnholde twice more or so to get the rep I need.

We'll see. =]

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