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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Level 68 - Totem of Void 1/4

After making the last post, my next boxing time was spent trying the Black Morass. However, that was a bit too hectic for my taste. I did Old Hillsbarad two more times for decent xp and CoT rep. Bringing me to 4/5 of the Seer's Mail set and three quarters of the way to level 68.

After that I picked up the gryphon points north of Zangermarsh and did a few quests to get to get to level 68. After training up, I headed to Tempest Keep. Using my first multiboxing team, I gave my shaman's a leg up into the Mechanar by summoning them into the instance.

A quick test run showed that I can get the key to the cache of the legion quickly and without much hassle. Naturally, there is always the luck of getting the drop, but its definitely doable.

After the Sunday raid, I went for a couple more casual attempts, putting me halfway to level 69 and 3000 rep short of honored with the Sha'tar. I also got one Totem of the Void so far. At this rate, I should have all four by the time I reach 70.

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