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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Battle of the Crimson Watch

After I made that last post here things definitely looked better. Someone asked me if I could help with Ruul the Darkener. I used my warrior instead of Elaire and did that. Then we went on to the Cipher of damnation and I literally had my commands crossed and messed up big time. Then I swapped back to the usual team setup without my warrior and everything went peachy. Kinda nice to know that I can do the Cipher of Damnation finish by myself on the fly now.

After that someone asked in guild chat for the Battle of the Crimson Watch, a demon showdown that follows a drop of the nuisance named patrol through the Path of Conquest in Shadowmoon Valley. I needed that quest done for my team, but had learned to take the 'recommended players: 4' as a practical joke from Blizzard. We gathered a party of guildies plus my team as second party and did it twice, with the only casualty being one of my felguards. I guess average itemization has improved since I did it back in January. Anyway, nice to have the fancy tabards and to bag the 25g each.

I did not bother to reform 'Team Minion' before doing my 10 5v5 rated arena games. In the whole ten games I made about 10 kills. My best game this time around was with a -4 rating. Ah well. I will see how many points I loose due to my lower rating and then consider if I just spent 200g each week to get me closer to the Gladiator's War Staff.

Captn out.


Anonymous said...

How do you mean 'just spend 200g'? Arena teams do not have to repay every new rating week. Or am i missing something here :).


Anonymous said...


Is there something inherant to your setup that makes PvP so hard? What strats are you trying? What gives you the most problems?


Captn said...


True, you do not have to reform your team weekly, but if I loose my rating and my weekly points payout go down. I can buy a 1500 rating back for 200g. That is what I meant.


I am demonology spec with points in destruction for shadow bolts. I put points in range extension rather than interruption prevention. The felguards damage can be healed through easy enough, their main benefit is intercept stun for this.

I am rather sure that affliction or full destruction would be much more powerful.

Plus there is of course the fact that I am an arena noob =]

Cheers, Captn.

Anonymous said...

Destro would be very very powerful for bg's (3 locks destro, zomg! :)) but to bad the shadowfury will make targetting bad for you? (uses a targetting mechanism like blizzard/mage elemental pet) The dmg however does not require too muc hdmg gear to be idiotic :).

btw, wtb more pics/movies, from xzin too! :)

Anonymous said...

Xzin here.

Let me actually finish my new setup first :) 4 months of building is nearing completion.

Not exactly sure I would want to FRAPS all 10 zins though :)