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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Step by step

Slowly but surely my team's kit and my play improves. As gear goes , I currently stand at 10199 Hitpoints, 373 Resilience, 11694 Armor unbuffed. 874 bonus damage (+55 from [Totem of the Void]), 32.8% crit with talents.

After last week, the 60 badges for [Cloak of Subjugated Power] were sorted. With this week's farming, 20 more badges are in stock on each shaman. I am saving Honor points for [Medallion of the Alliance]. 40k honor takes a bit of time, but I think it is worth it.

In the arena, I am currently focusing on learning from my opponents, my arena buddies and of course from my own mistakes. I played over 50 games so far this week, sitting at 1565 rating at the moment.


Merujo said...

keep up the great job man :) or hobby :P

im doing the same as u, sitting on 1618 after getting 1639 as record.
im also working on the gear as u are!

keep the news commin :)

Henk said...
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Anonymous said...

Yup always nice to read a fellow Aggramarians news. Hope to get to 70 myself soon and to start working on my gear : )

Kryptonls said...

keep going steph :)

and they're unguilded again?

Captn said...

No Krypt, I just suppressed the display of the guild name. =]

Truckle said...

Nice gear, keep it up!

Hope to set my own multboxing team up at some point. Perhaps sooner than I thought to take advantage of the new 'recruit-a-friend' levelling bonuses...

Best of luck in the Arena's