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Monday, August 18, 2008


During the weekend, I pushed the honor farming hard. For Belgium, the last weekend was a three day weekend. I pulled over 10k honor each day by chain queuing for AV. In doing so I met Spud, a shammy fiveboxer in my battlegroup, twice. We defended Balinda together in one game, something that I usually do not do. Quite fun to imagine these non-plussed faces on the other side when seeing 36 totems and 9 shaman!

The reason why I was trying hard to reach 40k honor was to finally buy a pvp trinket. Until now I scraped by with staggered tremor totems and just endured the fear or whatnot when I was hit on the run. That however, could clearly not last. I did not want to waste honor on the 5 minute cooldown trinket or the cheap 2 minute one, but instead wanted to go directly for [Medallion of the Alliance]. Which is 40k. Ouch! I got it just in time to before the Sunday evening raid. =]

While I was busy hoarding the honor, I had a little setback. Hitting sufficient rating last week, I bought [Guardian's Mail Bracers] for 11794 Honor. The Warsong marks are for me the hardest one to get, as I can't really seem to enjoy that battleground. A guildmate joined me for some late WSGs and made the 2nd half of the marks really more pleasurable to get. Thanks buddy!

That leaves two upgrades to buy for honor: S4 ring and S4 boots. I am still a bit short on rating for both, but that will come. Until then, the S2 versions will do fine.

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Merujo said...

gz man!

im still farming 40k for mine... it's the worst pvp item to get...ever...