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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to Hellfire Peninsula!

After leaving the pack at 56.5, I pushed my quests a bit to 57 and then nuked Stratholme for the remainder to 58. Time to rejoice and enjoy the sudden availability of useful quest rewards multiplying the spellpower on the shaman gear significantly. Instead of using a warlock or my tankadin as before, I now used a shadow specced priest that I had left at level 60 for ages with the shamans. My choice for level 60s to dust off was between a rogue, a mage or this priest. I have Alaire geared and working as waitress mage. Captn is healing, but a shadow priest might be interesting. A rogue, melee when multiboxing just causes headaches. So, Viktor the shadowpriest is the choice.

After milking the quests in eastern Hellfire, the team dinged 60. I hopped over to buy the epic land mounts and riding skill. For the moment, the mounts are as shown here, but I want to get rid of those. I like the idea of going for goats, which would also consume my surplus runecloth for Ironforge reputation, or alternatively could be sorted with spare PvP tokens - but that is a bit down the line.

Time for the daily quest 'hug thy pillow'.

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Kryptonls said...

Ah yes.... I am also led to believe that "hug thy pillow" is a daily quest too :)