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Monday, May 12, 2008


17:03[Loórd]: ha i reported you! injoy your ban
17:03[Viktor]: Multiboxing is legit, and fine with Blizzard.
17:03[Loórd]: haha you havre been reported enjoy ban
17:03[Viktor]: sorry for wasting your time and that of the GM
17:03[Loórd]: haha
17:03[Loórd]: haha enjoy ban
17:03[Loórd]: ha!
17:03[Viktor]: seriously, search the customer service forums for multiboxing
17:04[Loórd]: how do u feel? ass

This is a level one alt that a horde rogue named Króul made just to gloat about just reporting me.
Then he logged back to his character and laughed and spat at me.

Unfortunately, I expect that the poor guy will not get any more educated and remain active faithfully as an unwanted and cluesless deputy-GM. ;-]

Who knows, maybe he even did report me and I might have a GM talk to me for the first time about multiboxing.

Anyway, level 63.5 and ticking.

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