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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Headless Horseman Redux

Last year, I made a serious effort to get the horseman's mount. When Hallow's End was done, I had spent well over hundred tries by myself and a number with guild mates trying to get the mount. No Joy.

This year, I was determined to not waste any chances. I parked my level 80 boxing chars, the shamans and also the unused druids at the Scarlet Monastery. I bought my old level 70 cloth boxing team there to have summons. I was prepared to level my hunter's a bit further to 75 today if that had meant that they could summon.

But, all that setup was a waste of time.

Taking four of my shamans and my tankadin into the graveyard wing, I set my cap for the first daily farming session. But... the first shaman's summon already gave me what I wanted! =]

I used the other three summons and got a spellpower ring each time, as well as this year's horseman's blade. Then I took off to Dalaran. I found that when you mount up in the city proper, you are locked to landmount mode, but if you mount up on the landing pad or on the Violet Parlour's balcony, the mount goes into flying mode. Outside no-fly zones, the mount swaps modes as you land or take off.

One difference between a normal land mount and the horseman's mount is that it doesn't stay vertical like normal mounts. Instead it will take a 90 degree angle relative to the ground, which can look a bit silly depending on where you stop.

Excuse me now while I dance around the room celebrating. Time to cook!

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