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Friday, February 23, 2007

Level 12

Entering Loch Modan. As a visible change you can note the fancy tabards. I picked a dark background and chose the borders as straight lines in the same color, hiding them. The symbol is something that after a lot of clicking through the available choices appealed to me. White was the logical color choice, as it does not only look awesome with the black clothes I tailored for matching looks, but also will not clash with colors of future gear.

Now, choosing your tabard design is only possible for a guild master and wearable only by guild members. So yes, I made a guild just for my team. Now each character has the guild tag underneath their name, as in Alarie < Minion >. This looks similar to the tags on pets that say < Blaire's Minion >. The apostrophe is not allowed for use in guild names though, so Minion was the next best choice.

Anyway, enough of looks and uniforms!

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